Christmas 2018 – Greetings from the Vine Family & the Year in Retrospect

Another year full of memories, family, friends and fun has passed quickly by. 

Some of us at Annual “Granny’s Day” Picnic @ Harcourt Park, Upper Hutt, in February  remembering the Taylor Grandparents, named for Sylvia (Granny) Taylor, Judy’s Mum. Attendance includes Taylors (+ Ryans) from Carterton, Greytown, Whanganui, Queensland, Australia and Vines (+Maathuis) from Wainuiomata, Lower and Upper Hutt. 

Here’s the whole Gang

2 & 3 Generations of Vine

Robyn’s Family (Maathuis)

David & Family, Mackay and Gladstone, Queensland, Australia. Grace in Palmerston North.

James’ Family residing in Wainuiomata 

Delighted to have Cousins at 80th Bash

Highlights of the Year.

Four Generations of Male Vines 

You might recall that last year I wrote that we had obtained formal access to our 2 Great Grandsons, Alex and Owen.  At that stage I was looking forward to spending time with the boys at the time of our Australian Winter hibernation. As it worked out I could not wait and took the opportunity of the May School Holidays for the long awaited reunion.

Bob’s 80th Birthday Bash

And what a Bash it was! Luncheon at the Tote (Robyn’s Pub) with an Invitation list of family, friends and mates from the past – Star Boating Club, Upper Hutt Rugby Football Club and its Golden Oldies (Yellow Bellies), the Pheasant Pluckers, Upper Hutt Branch, and Hutt Bowling Club.

On a sad note it seems that I have reached an age when many I would loved to have celebrated with were not able to be there. However these absent friends were very much in mind and conversation certainly included them.

Uncle Charlie Kruse

A sad note to the year. My Dad’s half brother, Uncle Charlie (Charles Edgar Kruse, b. 3 April 1929) passed on the day of my 80th Birthday.
My Email to Cousin Mark at Duke University, North Carolina following his Father’s death:
“So sorry to learn that my Uncle Charlie has passed away. Our thoughts are with you, Barbara and Tom.
He passed on the day I was celebrating my 80th.
Your Dad and Pop had a great influence on my life and have left me with many, many memories. Pop introduced me to Rifle Shooting and Rowing both sports in which he and his family in Whanganui were heavily involved. Your Great Grandfather was the New Zealand Rifle Champion in 1892 and Pop’s brother Bill was selected for the NZ Four to row at the 1928 Olympics but unfortunately due to lack of finance they were no able to compete.
I have fond memories of School Holidays at 112 Paihia Road, helping with your Dad’s grocery deliveries, sitting in the bike basket with the groceries piled on top of me, Tennis on Saturdays, Pub afterwards, hidden away because of my age, the Billiard Room in Greenlane and many other introductions that gave me an early introduction to adult life. May he Rest in Peace. “
I should add to the above the memory of being errand boy and running regularly higher up One Tree Hill to place Pop’s and Charlie’s bets with the Milkman who was also the local Bookie. I hope that they were more successful than me.

Christmas Greetings

Please excuse what might be seen as an over abundance of photographs but I have moved to producing a Christmas Letter that combines a record of  Family and events through the year with extending Greetings to all for a bountiful Christmas and prosperous New Year, 2019. This we do with much Aroha. 

Judy & Bob

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  1. Congratulations, Bob, from Carole Crumpley Erickson (Carmel Valley, California) and Amy Erickson (London) whom you helped greatly in our Crumpler search in Dorset last April. You cleared up some of the very confusing multiple generations of 17thcentury Williams, Johns and one Nicholas and there assorted spouses and like- named children, all from the lovely ring of Winterborne villages (plus Almer).

    We are very grateful. And Merry Christmas to your branch of this far-fling family!

    Carole and Amy

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