Christmas Greetings from the Vine Family & the Year 2020 in Retrospect

Well, this has been some year. What with the Coronavirus Pandemic and its lockdown stages followed by an Election that has installed a Labour Government with a huge majority in the House. The Nats had to contend with a surge in popularity for the Opposition arising from its Leader’s empathetic fronting of the Christchurch terrorist attack and the Pandemic with her”Team of Five Million: and “Go Hard, Go Early” approach with results which gathered World attention. On the other side of the House the Nats had to also contend with a high level of disfunctionality within its ranks and now face reorganisation and a team rebuild that could well take perhaps 2 or 3 more terms to bring them to the point of regaining the Treasury Benches. There is so much ahead of us including a massive rebuild of the economy and establishing trade relationships with old and new partners. In the face of things we have massive challenges blending with and building partnerships with other nations where the challenges are so much greater and fraught. It will be difficult to maintain our reputation to “punch above our weight” but there are signs we can do it.

On the family front I suppose you could say that we have had an eventfull year. I am writing this in Tauranga where along with Robyn and Steve and Rebecca and Mia, Judy and I have joined Dan and partner Amy in their first home to celebrate their first Christmas on the property ladder.

Of course we were not able to hibernate in Australia this year, which would have been our 16th consecutive year. The telephone has been hot as we regularly keep in touch with Kathy who is making the most seeing the Outback and her friends up North. David has been having some difficulty in selling up with a view to coming home soonest. This of course will exacerbate the challenges of keeping in touch with Wade and his four children but I think we can get around this by using some of the communication lessons learned through the Coronavius lockdowns. On that front I can own up to the fact that Jude and I now do our weekly grocery shopping online.

On the business front here, the Pub has gone and now Robyn is working with Rebecca in her Motel in what seems to be general purpose – front of house and laundry. To make the team complete Steve is Handyman. We came through the Coronavirus period very well and business over the past 3 months has been quite spectacular as Kiwis are getting out and about enjoying what New Zealand has to offer on the recreation and holiday front. On top of that we are helped by the Government initiatives to boost the economy with numerous infrastructural projects being undertaken locally.

Keeping in touch – Aleigh-Parker and Porsha with Grandad David – December 2020

Guitar Lesson: Dan and Mya – Tauranga -24 Dec 2020
School Lockdown – Filling in time
Wearing Denny out! – Tauranga
Alex & Owen – Tackle practice on Dad
Jude and Grandson
Mia off to School Disco

Discovery of the Year!

For a number of years now Jude has been endeavouring to trace her old school friend Jill Knight. Finally by a long process of asking around and a contact at Judy’s Library Group, Jill was found and is in regular contact.

And not to forget Grace who is off to University for a Nursing Degree.

That’s us for now. Merry Christmas to all and a Bountiful New Year. Love, Judy & Bob