150th Anniversary – Some notes

Blackballing: “The Alleged Black-Balling Combination”

Today many of the Club’s Members will not have knowledge of the practice of “Black Balling”. I am linking an extract from the Evening Post recording proceedings at the Club’s 21st Annual General Meeting which will explain. The practice was the domain of the elite clubs in the UK and it is obvious that Star from its beginnings in the Colony where elitism and privilege were set against an underclass of migrant workers would have adopted the practice.  Read More …….

Star BC Centennial Photograph and Names to be found here:



A start with Duncan Cameron’s enormous collection: ( the last two photos have been added from other collections to show some of the means of transport over the years. Going back further we have rail, steamer and Union Steamship Company ferries when we had to hump the boats down Queens Wharf to the Ferry Terminal)


From Fred Borrett’s photograph collection:

Lost names:

Names are still being sought. Please note your knowledge/guesses in the Comments box at the foot of this blog. It has become very clear that ageing creates a high level of delusion. Last week Malcolm Bridge opened the debate with:

“I’m pretty sure that’s me in the coxswain’s seat and that was a new eight we had just taken delivery of and because of the conditions swamped the boat and had to bail out. We may have broken the boat at the join.” Boof Leckie then came up with Malcolm’s brother, Max as the man/boy in the coxswain’s seat. Malcolm immediately denied this and offered this: “Definitely not Max I’m sure it’s Gerard Guthrie”. Come on guys let’s sort this out and get Boof and Malcolm back on good terms.

Contributing your thoughts by way of the Reply/Comments box might help in gaining a majority decision. You will see captions above seeking names.

Star Legends:

This is a very informal group formed by a number of former Club Members who attended the World Rowing Championships at Karapiro in 2010. We meet a few times a year for luncheon, for the goss (often invented), and sharing of tales of rather strange personal experiences, which could be called “lies”. We cordially invite all former and current Star members to join the happy group and add a bit of spice to the proceedings. Please email me at bob.vine@paradise.net.nz if that is your wish. This is from our last luncheon gathering at the Wharewaka a couple of weeks back. Sorry about the truncation at this end of the table. Who is the one-eyed sunnies guy?






One thought on “150th Anniversary – Some notes”

  1. Gidday

    Photo top centre, from left: how about Bob Carr, Alistair Rogers, Richard Prince, Bill Taylor, Gerard Guthrie (perhaps).Picton New Year regatta 1963.Probably rowing as youth or maiden four.
    Bottom centre, Possibly Picton 1962, but probably not me in the cox’s seat (I steered with my hands behind my back).
    Previous photo with Warrick Dent definitely me at Picton 1962 before or after the Senior Eight won and Fred Borrett got his senior status.

    Gerard Guthrie

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