Jack Morgan’s Blazer

 The story behind Jack Morgan’s blazer presented by Jack to the Club in 2014

These photographs, with the exception of the first featuring Alistair Roger, have been provided by Jack Morgan to add to his story of the Blazer.

“Dear Bob re Frank J Delaney.
Briefly the following may be helpful – my memory is going.
Frank gave me the blazer 1946 – I had just returned with “J” Force from several months in Japan & some 2 years in Egypt and Italy – he had me join the Star Boating Club – I rowed 1946 & 1947 in a Lightweight Four (under 10 stone 7 lbs) !! My first experience was on the Nile at the Cairo Boating Club.
We were in Cairo one day when he said let’s go rowing – produced 3 Pips for himself and 1 for me – he signed us in as Captain & 2nd Lieutenant (Club was available to Officers only). From memory the boat was a wide heavily built clinker.
Certain old photos I have enclosed. Our 4 had 2 wins – Wanganui River and Waimak. River, ChCh – am unable to find a large photo of the 4.
PS On reflection the Blazer must be at least 85 years old. 1930 or earlier.”

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