Star Legends “Day with Duncan”

Saturday 3 November 2018

On this day Star Legends Bob Joyce, John Spooner, Richard Prince, Laurie Sunde and Bob Vine joined in Rotorua to celebrate 81 years young Duncan Cameron’s long and active dedication to our sport of Rowing.

Apologies had been received from:
Geoff Fellows with the comment that Duncan was one of the two standout Coaches for him, looking after Maiden and Youth Eights. Geoff had a memory of after Duncan departing for reasons Geoff knew not of rowing down Evans bay  there was Duncan and a woman in a small yacht! (Must have been mistaken identity – doesn’t sound like Duncan to me).
Bill Barker was unfortunately not able to attend – “this sort of thing beyond me now”. PS do you remember finding a tractor to get my VW out of the Branch River after Ross Macdonald’s wedding?”.
Peter McFarlane – “would have loved to have been able to turn up, sadly Loill isn’t the best so we are not travelling far these days. Please pass on our best wishes to Duncan, and perhaps let him know that I had no idea he was so jolly old,gosh eighty-three, who would have thought.”
Alastair Roger – “The best motivational coach a lot of us had.”
Tim Castle – “Geoff’s recollections – at least as far as the first part of his email is concerned – I echo. Best wishes to Duncan on reaching a happy and huge milestone.”
Bill & Marg – “Duncan you were a great coach for us as Maidens and Junior. Hope you are fit and well. I keep meaning to call when I am in Rotorua but don’t get there much now”.
Chas McMahon – “Good morning, sorry but i have to put in my apologies. I won’t be able to attend due to already booked commitments. I would live to see some photos though.”
John Gibbons, Malcolm Bridge, Bob Green, Doug Munro, Paul Crichton, John Woolf and Bill Falconer.

The splendid idea of honouring Duncan in this way was put forward by Richard Prince who joined Laurie Sunde to go with Duncan in a Four with 87-year-old Keith one of Duncan’s Rotorua crew mates making up the number.

The Day was generously hosted by the Rotorua Rowing Club headquartered at Ohinemutu with Jane Savage organising the programme. Many thanks Jane. Barbara and Geoffrey Cox graciously obliged with offering their wonderful residence on the Lake’s edge at Kawaha Point  for a convivial evening with Duncan and Joyce and others from the Rotorua Club.

Let’s Go. Launching.
Push Off: Richard Prince (Stroke), Laurie Sunde, Duncan, Keith (Bow)
Note Duncan’s ambidexterity with change from Bow side to Stroke side..