Pam Dixon’s Double Crossing of Cook Strait in Carboglass Recreational Single Scull

This blog is to be read with an earlier one “Recreational Rowing with a Carboglass Single Scull”

It has images from Pam Dixon’s 7 hours and 51 minutes enduring and conquering the turbulent waters of Cook Strait which separates the North and South Islands of New Zealand.

Click here to view the scene of Pam’s epic journey. Search within the map to pin the journey’s starting point (Makara Beach), turning point on the South Island (Perano Head) and landing at Oteranga Bay. I make this a distance of 48.85 km as the crow flies; of course much more when one makes allowances for tide and wind.

Wikipedia describes Cook Strait as being considered one of the most dangerous and unpredictable waters in the world.

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One of the elements of the brief for Viv Haar of Carboglass Mouldings, Peterkin Street, Wingate, Lower Hutt, New Zealand was to develop a sculling boat to a design not too far removed from that of a conventional racing boat but with stability making it suitable for recreational rowers of all ages, learners and open water conditions. Pam’s achievement has established that Viv has well and truly met this goal.

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